Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Mobs = Scary

This is what the DrudgeReport looked like after Memorial Day weekend:

Now is Drudge turning into a histrionic alarmist in the mold of Big Media?

For sure.

BUT, there's definitely something going on in terms of escalating *entitled urban* violence. Years ago my grandfather told me, over and over again, that one day there'd be a black/white civil war in America. He said that he might not live to see it but I most certainly would. (Note he's still ticking at 97.5 years old!)

The Boston flash mob was organized on Facebook/Twitter. Now it shouldn't be too hard to locate and delete the accounts of those clowns/thugs who got the ball started. And I do hope they do so.

How long though will it be before there's some massive regulation aimed at *social media*? I bet all it will take is one particularly violent incident. Victims will sue f-book; women will become petrified; pols will grandstand; etc.

Though, now that I think about it,...

A single raucous flash mob that say confronts Congressmen might get the fascist ball rolling even faster!

And as for avoiding potentially dangerous's always been a good rule of thumb to avoid parks, beaches, and *free* events (e.g. fireworks) on holiday weekends anyway.

Coincidentally, Ann Coulter is presently releasing a new book - Demonic - which addresses this very subject. I'd look forward to reading it so long as it's in the mold of Treason and Godless as coherent theses. The last two of hers I read - How to Talk... and If Democrats Had... - weren't as good as her previous work.

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