Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Prince Fails An Important Test

So I'm, most reluctantly, at the doctor's office the other day. The kids NEED physicals in order to go to camp.

But I was disheartened to learn that my son is blind as a bat.

He failed the eye chart from 20 feet miserably. I mean he got stuck on the second or third row for crying out loud. I know that I can't see worth crap and even I could clearly make out most of the chart without my glasses (which I stubbornly only wear when driving). So the poor kid must be really blind.

The doctor asked if he was having trouble in school. Haha, he most certainly is not! He doesn't go to *school*. What do you mean?

"He might have(!) been having problems seeing the blackboard," she said.

Oh, I guess that makes sense as a normal indicator anyway.  I myself can't read the menus at fast food restaurants until I'm right up at the front of the counter.

Now I think I have to take him to an eye doctor to *rule out astigmatism* or something.

And my wife and I can't help but think all his reading, often in poor light, might be responsible for this development - even if it isn't. The lighting in our house, no matter how many lamps we add, just isn't that good. Really those tall halogen lights are the only ones that really work but I'm too afraid to put them in the kids rooms - given how big of a fire hazard they are.

Of course in the larger scheme of things *glasses* hardly constitute a health disaster but still...

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Justin Time said...

"He might of been having problems seeing the blackboard," she said.

might have...

For some reason, this drives me crazier then the lose/loose thing that nobody can seem to figure out...

CaptiousNut said...

Thanks, JT. Will correct.

Anonymous said...

If you would feed the kid some nutritious, organic vegetables once in a while, his eyes would work fine.

CaptiousNut said...

The eye doctor said that was bunk....not that I respect those fools.

And it is impossible to get a veggie in that kid. He intentionally pukes them up (along with the meal).