Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Life Is Brief(s)

The other day I bought briefs (bikini!) at TJ Max.

Now I haven't worn them in over 20 years - having switched to boxers when I was 16 or so.

Why the switch? Why not, I guess?

I'm deliberately trying to mix things up with every aspect of my life. Just to give another example every time I go to the supermarket I try to buy something, anything, that I've never tried before. Plus the boxers were starting to feel like a cumbersome diaper or something.

It's all part of the age-fighting process. Without conscious effort one can easily devolve/ossify into a monstrous creature of habit - what I euphemistically refer to as an 'old coot'. These fossils, with their 5 meal rotation, ritualistic newspaper habits, hourly naps, perennial vacation schedules, and conversation-less spousal dinner dates are really just half-dead in my mind. They are merely sleepwalking nap-walking through their golden years.

So far I like the way they hug my rump....but of course the boys up front are suffocating having been *free range* for so long. And it's nice to no longer have to experience residual drops running down my leg.

And whatever did happen to that stud Lorenzo Lamas???

Oh boy! From Wikipedia:

Lamas began appearing in the Zaxby's restaurant chain television advertisements in May 2008.

In 2008, Lamas appeared in season 2 of CMT's Gone Country.

In 2009, he starred in the Asylum's Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus as Alan Baxter, a government agent who wants to destroy both the Mega Shark and the Giant Octopus to protect the world from their destructive fights.

Lamas now stars as himself in Leave it to Lamas, a reality show that focused on his own real-life family on E!

Personal Life

When Lamas moved to New York at 13 years old, he suffered from weight problems. In 1979, he took up taekwondo and karate and started to exercise. He has won countless black belts and showed his skills in the series Renegade.

Lamas has been married five times and is the father of six children by three different women.
His first marriage was to Victoria Hilbert from 1981 to 1982. His second marriage was to Michele Smith in 1983, which produced two children: son "A.J." Alvaro Joshua Lamas (born December 19, 1983) and daughter Shayne Lamas (born November 9, 1985). He and Smith split in 1985.

His third marriage was to Kathleen Kinmont (daughter of his Falcon Crest co-star Abby Dalton) in 1989; they divorced in 1993.

Lamas married his fourth wife, Playmate of the Month Shauna Sand, in 1996. Lamas and Sand have three daughters: Alexandra Lynne Lamas (born November 22, 1997), Victoria Lamas (born April 24, 1999), and Isabella Lorenza Lamas (born February 2, 2001). Lamas and Sand divorced in 2002.
Lamas fathered daughter Paton Lee (born 1988) with actress Daphne Ashbrook. He was engaged to Playmate of the Month Barbara Moore, but the marriage was called off.

Lamas got married for the fifth time with his fiancee of more than a year Shawna Craig, 24, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on April 30, 2011. His daughter Shayne Lamas, 25, attended her father's wedding.[2][3] He has told reporters that he will go publicly as Lorenzo Lamas-Craig, his manager, Don Gibble tells E! News, "He's always thinking outside the box so he decided to become the first celebrity to take his wife's last name." The other reason was cause his last wife, former Playboy Playmate Shauna Sands, kept the Lamas name and is legally Shauna Lamas. "His new wife didn't want to be called Shawna Lamas for obvious reasons," explains Gibble.
He took his (5th!) wife's last name???

For the 'old coots' in my readership:

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