Monday, June 13, 2011

Silicon Valley - Eventually Will Fall Into Its Own Pit

You have to love this story - Apple Store Employee Seeks To Plant Union Seed:

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - An Apple Inc store employee has started a union in a rare move at a company known for its near-fanatical following and cutting-edge mystique.

Cory Moll, a part-time employee at an Apple store in San Francisco, is working to form a union to fight for better wages and benefits and to address what he says are unfair practices in the company's glass-and-steel retail showrooms.

While unions are strong in industries like trucking and autos, they are largely unheard of in Silicon Valley companies, which pride themselves on being quick-footed and having the flexibility to hire and fire.

The would-be Apple union's website is sparse, but states: "At Apple, our most important resource, our soul, is our people. Our Time Has Come."

Hah! Take that Steve Jobs!

The *most important resource* at Apple IS NOT those amazing products that sell's the $14 per hour multi-pierced geeks that work in Apple Stores!

I would love nothing more than to see a successful unionization effort at Apple - and at Microsoft, Google, among Warren Buffett's staff, etc.

There's no legitimate reason all those *entrepreneurs* enthusiastically vote with the socialist faction...

Except of course for their overriding hatred of Christianity.

It certainly doesn't help that Republicans are only half-hearted free marketeers but still...

All these Morons are mentally trapped in *binary* - just the way the organized political parties want it.

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