Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chess iPad App

This iPad *app* - Solitaire Chess - is terrific. There's a free-trial version and then a $3(?) upgrade for more puzzles.

Technically you don't have to know the full rules of chess in order to play - and they say it might even serve as a good introduction to the game. I am not convinced about the latter but some newbie should test the assertion.

The idea is to clear the board of all but one piece with the only stipulation that you must take a piece off with each move.

You watch, this thing is going to take off. And it reminds me of how Bananagrams ingeniously improved upon Scrabble.

I'd been trying to buy acquire this game for my Droid phone but was disappointed and frustrated to learn it is only available for iMorons (i.e iPhone and iPad) even still, 6-7 months after launch.

You can buy the game the non-PC version too - Solitaire Chess.

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