Saturday, June 25, 2011

Amazon - A New Policy Of UNDERDELIVERING?

I ordered that stuff from Amazon on June 14th and chose *Free Super Saver Shipping* which promised arrival within *5-8 business days*.

Well yesterday was the 8th (or arguably the 9th) business day since they took my money and as you can see they haven't even shipped the items yet.

If they arrive on Monday Amazon can say, "They were only a day or two late....circumstances beyond our control."

But I've been ordering from them for years and it used to be that Free Super Saver Shipping would still deliver very, very fast - within 3-5 NON-BUSINESS days at worst.

And the last several times I've ordered I noticed that delivery times were getting longer and longer.

Call me a cynic but I bet Amazon is intentionally holding orders longer so that people will pay up for expedited shipping.

It'd be like if you went into a restaurant and were the only ones there and the staff decides to make you wait for service so you aren't conditioned to think this normally busy restaurant isn't so fast. Or something like that...

Meanwhile, I only went to eat there because it was empty in the first place.

These Kumon books are the exact same price at Barnes & Noble. Now I might not order them from Amazon the next time around - not if I'm going to lose 2 weeks waiting!

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