Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Little Bit Funny

Since I was talking about the infinitely mock-able organic crowd earlier today:

Pay my 80 bucks for 6 things and get the heck out...



Heather said...

I only find 2 blogs in this world worth subscribing too, and both posted this video within 10 minutes of each other. The ironic thing is that I was thinking about mentioning that other blog to you after your last post, but decided against it (since you say you have enough self-improvement going on).

But a sign is a sign... so here's my spiel. Maybe reconsider organic eating sometime. I call it "clean eating" thanks to Erica at The point is not so much to only eat "organic", but to cut out processed foods and try to choose food as close to the source as possible. I have been switching over to eating this way, and I am just amazed by how much better I feel. My energy has gone way up and I have been getting much more done. I feel better about what I feed my kids and I am losing my taste for things I thought I was addicted to (pop and McD's are at the top of that list).

Not to mention, I finally feel good about what I am feeding my kids. As far as cost goes, we couldn't afford to switch to organic/locally produced across the board, so we started with meat. We joined a CSA and get monthly meat deliveries from a local farm. We love it! We have also made a stab at container gardening (also a good homeschooling project for the kids), but that is going less well.... But we moving in the right direction. I even made my own crockpot yogurt the other day for my little yogurt fiends and was very impressed with the results for a fraction of the cost!

At this point, clean eating is to me what I perceive homeschooling is to you: so obviously superior that it is heart-breaking that every family in America does not see it that way. But, like homeschooling, everyone looks at me crazy when I explain my choices (such as cutting out boxed foods and especially bringing back wholesome foods that have gotten a bad name (real butter, whole milk, red meat, etc). My parents were most skeptical... until Dad moved in. He is certainly enjoying eating like a king and he is also stunned to have lost 5 pounds in two weeks. Imagine that... everything the Gov't Health organizations have been telling us for 30 years is wrong! Who would have guessed?!

Okay... that's the end of my rant. To add an update... my summer homeschooling experiment is going good with my 6 year old, but still no change in my husband. I won a small victory when my 10 yr old stepson came home with a paper he had written that was full of atrocious spelling and grammar mistakes but had earned him an "A". I think he knows homeschooling is inevitable, he just isn't ready to admit it.

CaptiousNut said...


I know, I know, I know...

I should at least try the organic meat.

Let the record show that I did try the *no white flour* thing for 3-4 weeks and didn't feel better at all, thankfully!

Certainly if someone has health issues they ought to consider radical diet purification but that's not the case with me. And I do eat healthier (fruits and veggies...very little alcohol these days) than most.

I don't give two hoots about *saving the planet*, though. Yeah land/sea/air pollution is bad....but *mind pollution*, my enemy, is a ten-times bigger planetary scourge.

So glad to hear your homeschooling toe-in-the-water is progressing.

Sorry (and giggling) to hear:

"...but still no change in my husband."

That's my wife's lament as well!