Thursday, June 23, 2011

Self-Naming Morons

Consider the irony of the guy who started the biggest brawl in NBA history promoting *world peace*! (Looks like the NBA has had YouTube pull all of the clips of it. David Stern = FASCIST!)

Changing one's name is always an interesting development. I mean think about it - you can change your body, your friends, your underwear, your husband (Heather!)but for the most part you are stuck with your inlaws, your crazy parents, and your given name.

My sister legally changed her name to a nickname of her baptized one.

And I knew a kid from high school, an Asian kid, who curiously renamed himself *Eric* (like the clown!) before starting his college years at Harvard.

WhyTF Eric???

While we're on the subject....I chose CaptiousNut in about 10 minutes some six years ago when I first started this blog. I always considered myself *captious* - or at least I did after I first happened upon that obscure word when studying for the SAT. And Nut is certainly self-explanatory.

I haven't decided what to call myself on my new website yet. My real name?  And pass up such a great opportunity?  Don't be ridiculous.

BUT I have decided to go with my affectionate South Philly jabroni nickname - which needn't be revealed in this space - for my stand-up comedy aspirations.  That name has stuck so well that most of the 'old coots' down there haven't a clue what my real name is!

Behold, Eric The Clown:

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