Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Broke Down, And Crossed Over To The Dark Side

I just broke down and bought my first wife the iPad 2 (16GB, WiFi + 3G) for $683.25 including tax. Of course we're going to have shell out another $30 a month to Verizon.

The problem is, while my wife has a Blackberry through her job, her firm's network blocks a ton of websites including many quality ones like Marginalizing Morons. The Mrs. has two 40 minute or so train rides each day (Mon-Thu) and she's been pining for an iPad that she can use for a couple months now.

I kept kiboshing it but could do so no longer. The money is irrelevant - since we are so cheap otherwise. But I do hate to think of myself as an iMoron!

I was planning on getting my 4.98 year old daughter her own PC and strongly considered buying her a Mac - if for no reasons other than the that I've never heard anyone complain about Apple products and because I realized I was displaying *extreme closed-mindedness* on this front. But the $1200 price has been giving me pause.

As a compromise, I decided to buy the iPad for $600 and then just get her what I bought her brother - a totally sufficient $600 Dell.

Another reason I did get this iPad is because I, as someone endeavoring to create and sell some content,....I should probably familiarize myself with the technology platforms it'd be delivered on. A Kindle might be next...


Anonymous said...

OT----But it should interest you.

CaptiousNut said...

What is it?

Anonymous said...

should have included the link.

CaptiousNut said...


It's *okay* - although I don't like it at all when he starts talking about potentially discharging student loan debt via the courts.

Here's the hyperlink for my older readers.