Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hawaiian Morons

I saw some show (Globe Trekker) on PBS about Hawaii. It couldn’t have been more predictable. The segments highlighted Hawaii as leader in gay marriage and was full of Hawaiians complaining about being part of the United States. One woman flat out said that they don’t consider themselves part of America. How nice to have taxpayer funded television that incessantly bashes the country and system that created it.

So I wasn’t shocked when I heard that the University of Hawaii invited Ward Churchill out to speak. They did this at the height of his controversy and it could only be construed as a “bleep-you” to much of continental America. Even the craziest moonbats don’t defend Fraud Churchill.

So how surprising is it that Hawaii is about to create a “racially exclusive government by and for Native Hawaiians.”?

I say let Hawaii secede. Let the natives there defend themselves from Japan, China, or whoever else feels like putting the squeeze on these spoiled morons.

They should be more gracious or at a minimum, more silent.

Make sure you click on that link and read about the 1993 Apology Resolution.

Hawaii also made the news last week with a push to limit wholesale prices for gasoline. This is so stupid that I won't bother to explain its folly. I will just let it play out and maybe get back to it. Price controls have led to shortages and higher prices almost 100% of the time throughout economic history - but hey, let's just ignore that avalanche of empirical evidence.

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