Thursday, May 24, 2007

Marrying Morons

Someone I know is engaged to be married. She and her betrothed went to see the local priest in preparation for a Catholic wedding ceremony. Here is an appalling excerpt from that colloquy.

Priest - Tell me about a married couple you admire and why.

Bride-to-Be - We admire Bob and Mary Smith because they have a beautiful home in Port Washington, a summer house out in Montauk, and an awesome 30-foot boat.

I am not sure what's worse:

1) The fact they she doesn't admire Bob and Mary for a wonderful, harmonious, and intimate relationship.

2) The fact that the bride-to-be hadn't the brains to at least feign admiration for a warm, loving marriage - even if boats and square footage are most important to her.

3) Or the fact that she's out relaying this episode, exactly as it happened, and is patently clueless as to how shallow it makes her look.


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