Thursday, May 31, 2007

Self-Rebutting Morons

"Noah's Ark", built on Mount Ararat to attract world leaders' attention to global warming, will be inaugurated for public visits.

As a part of the project prepared by Greenpeace, a ship similar to Noah's Ark has been constructed on the mountain - thought to be the location where Noah's Ark finally touched dry land.

The wooden ship will be ten meters long, four meters wide and four meters in height.

"We are in front of a second universal flood. But it is not yet too late. If all the nations of the World make a turn in favor of environment one will be able to avoid the catastrophe," indicated Andree Behling, Greenpeace expert in energy." "The politicians must assume their responsibilities and cannot continue to look at a world threatened to be submerged by the tides, the storms and floods, while hundreds of thousands people lose their houses, while plants and animals disappear by the diseases and dryness," he said.

The quartet of irony, hypocrisy, ignorance, and stupidity, even if each raised to the n-th degree, could not adequately describe Climate Change Morons.

When did modern scientists start touting biblical tales of creationism? What happened to the Big Bang Theory and Darwinism?

Is "climate change" alarmism a science or a religion? If it's a science, when do they need to invoke the religious metaphor of Noah?

(Answer: it's really all about deception!)

The fact remains, every civilization throughout history has had doomsayers warning of cataclysmic flooding. Furthermore, they have always blamed it on human iniquity. So despite millennia of scientific discovery and innovation, today's experts have nothing more than an age-old popular myth.

These days I am partial to historically-based arguments and wisdom. Read what Will Durant wrote over 70 years ago to put today's fears of "climate change" into proper focus:

"Even more universal was the story of the Flood; hardly an ancient people went without it, and hardly a mountain in Asia but had given perch to some water-wearied Noah or Shamash-napishtim. Usually these legends were the popular vehicle or allegory of a philosophical judgment or a moral attitude summarizing long racial experience – that sex and knowledge bring more grief than joy, and that human life is periodically threatened by floods, - i.e., ruinous inundations of the great rivers whose waters made possible the earliest known civilizations. To ask whether these stories were true or false, whether they “really happened,” would be to put a trivial and superficial question; their substance, of course, is not the tales they tell but the judgments they convey."

That last line really is the crux of the pathology, "...but the judgments they convey."

Noah's Ark is a self-discrediting argument - most especially coming from today's scientists. Greenpeace is trying to invoke history to buttress their alarmism when in fact, history exposes "climate change" as just another in a long line of scaremongering hoaxes.

This would be like saying that O.J. Simpson's acquittal PROVES that murderers are often falsely accused.

Where are those "real killers" anyway?

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That's all that comes to mind anymore on this topic in general.

Very interesting part of OOH, though, when I read that near the beginning. I'm up to the section on the people from Elam. Was doing reading every night but then my "Getting Started With Electric Guitar" DVD came, followed shortly by my "Starting Strength" book on good weightlifting technique and routine, so I am powering through SS so I can put it to use at the gym ASAP and then I'll get back to Durant.

I also started reading Graham's Intelligent Investor, on chapter 3. Cool stuff, especially with Zweig's commentary.