Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Submit Thyself to Google

I use Google for email now. Why use an email account that's dependent on me keeping the same ISP like Comcast, RCN, Verizon, or Time Warner?

Google will also store your "docs and spreadsheets". So I uploaded all my important files to my gmail account. These are for the most part dynamic files so I will only update them through the web now. No longer do I have to worry about a fire or water damage in my house. No longer do I have to worry about my hard drive blowing. No longer do I have to periodically write my files to a cd - and store them. (I tried to do it every two months.)

Of course my blogs are hosted by Google.

My videos are housed on youtube, owned by Google.

Also, I started using Google Alerts to research commodities. Since I know very little about them, I created alerts like "cotton trading", "sugar trading", etc. and my inbox is getting inundated with news stories and blog posts that I would otherwise not so easily find. In just a few weeks I have learned a ton about my new hobby/investment. I would recommend using alerts for any subject one is interested or invested in.

I also have an alert for "captiousnut" so I can stay on top of what the Lilliputians are saying about me.

Google, in a sense, is just like the Microsoft Windows of yesteryear. They keep adding so much functionality that it's a veritable chore to keep abreast of it - never mind utilize it all.

Be not afraid, submit thyself to Google.

It's free!

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Taylor Conant said...

Haha that wasn't a screencap from your desktop, was it?

I finally submitted to Google as well. I use to be in love with e-mail programs because I hated having to log in everytime I wanted to check my e-mail, but now with Google I can log in once (or just store a cookie and log in once per weeks) and I am not only logged into Gmail, but also Blogger, Calendar and Reader, my new favorite Google goodie!

I got tired of having to back up, export and re-import my calendar and e-mail archives everytime I reformat my computer, so I said screw it and spent some time yesterday moving my calendar to Google. And with Gmail's archiving feature, I'll now always have a copy of every e-mail I get.

I love you, Google.