Saturday, July 12, 2008

Parade Of Morons

So last week, after golf, I took my family to the much-hyped Hingham 4th of July Parade.

It flat out sucked.

Yeah there were the obligatory youth sports teams, antique cars, and rifle toting veterans. Hooray!

But then I had to witness:

  • "Our Elected Officials" - I booed.
  • Some carpenters' union.
  • Four silver Prius's. (Why?)
  • A stupid eco-pagan windmill display.

It was more like a "Parade of Morons" - as far as I am concerned. It was hardly worth my time or effort. There wasn't even any food there for crying out loud, seriously. Nothing. No popcorn. No hot dogs. No funnel cakes.

The pathetic windmill display reminded me of that farcical Hull windmill nearby.

Point of fact, we were up in Hull a couple of weeks ago and the wind was howling. It had to be at least 25 mph. I looked up and noticed the windmill wasn't twirling. Then, twenty minutes later, I noticed that it was *working* - rather rapidly at that.

I said to my wife, "They must have plugged it back in!"

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