Saturday, February 19, 2011

Big Government - Marginalizing Work

With Welfare It Makes Sense To Work Less

Remember when Mississippi used to have new manufacturing plants popping up weekly? What happened?

If you ask the business leaders, the problem is a lack of skilled labor. People don’t want to work. Especially in the Delta, people just won’t show up on time and often fail drug tests.

"How can this be?" you may ask. You have to work to eat. Well, that’s really not true anymore. In fact, our welfare state rewards not working. You can do as well working one week a month at minimum wage as you can working a $60,000-a-year, full-time, high-stress job.

"The line at 50 South Clinton Avenue is crazy -- people get there early in the morning, a lot of the people are cursing, yelling and screaming," Hernez said.

Hah! That's an *assistance line* in New Jersey; and it's two years old.

How long are the lines now?

You'd be angry too if you were 250 lbs, 5 feet 6 inches, and had to stand out there in the winter!

Now check this out - South Carlina's food stamp calculator.

I entered *family of 4*, *monthly rent of $300*, and *monthly utilities of $100* (satellite color TV).

And you can click the image, enlarge it, and read the GOOD NEWS - an idler like that qualifies for $588 of food stamps per month.

I don't care what anyone says, that's a LOT of money for food. I've seen infomercials late at night that declared kids could eat for 17 cents a day...

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paul mitchell said...

I laughed when the article was talking about the Mississippi Delta. The is not a single person that works in MS District 2. Everyone is on welfare. But, hit up You Tube for "Bennie Thompson." That is their congressman, then it all makes sense.

Don't forget that you get a PBE check every month for utilities, including tee-vee and cell phone.