Sunday, February 13, 2011

I'm A Single Dad, Again

Driving home last week from my month-plus winter reprieve in Naples, first wife informed me telephonically that she had to travel for work.

So today she boarded a flight bound for Europe where she'll hobnob with those members of the global criminal banking cartel in London and Geneva.

If I had known she was going to be gone this week too I would probably have just stayed another month down there in Naples!

It's actually pretty easy to find a rental WHEN YOU'RE DOWN THERE. I saw *seasonal rental* signs all over the place in Naples Park in January. How exactly do these clowns expect to rent to snowbirds - WHO ARE UP NORTH - via a lawn sign?

That's the thing....there are tons of empty condos and houses in Florida BUT the 'old coots' and Morons who own them don't have a clue how to take a couple of pics and advertise over Craigslist!

BTW, the 'old coot' Moron whom we rented from in January is playing games with our $650 security deposit. I did protect myself against such a slimy maneuver but hopefully I won't have to open my can of whoop-a$$ on him.

Why does it seem like these things are forever happening to me???

Ripped from West Coast Tom's first *mix tape*:


Anonymous said...

cnut, i am the guy who sent email to you about your edu-site and choosing scalable platform(cloud) from the get go.

just commenting here to make sure if you did read it ? but chose not to respond.

CaptiousNut said...

I just spent 10 minutes searching for it in my inbox but couldn't find anything with *cloud* or *scalable* or *platform* in it.

I searched my *trash* and my *spam* too. It sounds vaguely familiar but bear in mind that I have 1426 UNREAD emails in my inbox still!!!

I assure you that I am building a *scalable* site but would like to see your email again. So resend it or give me another keyword search clue. Thanks.

Anne Galivan said...

That picture was frightening!

But I love that song. Particularly because I am a fan of Michael McDonald's...his voice is one of those unique types (like Neil Diamond's) that almost anything he does is going to sound cool.

Anonymous said...

forwarded the same email to you again. search for keyword "BeanStalk"

west coast tom. said...

that's about as funny as the Kendrick Perkins trade.

CaptiousNut said...

So what was on that mix tape then?

Duran Duran?



Crowded House?

Lionel Ritchie?

CaptiousNut said...


That was a good trade for the Celtics, BTW.

Your skepticism makes me even more confident!