Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Personal Luddite Problems

A local friend, that filmmaker dude who is going to get me cast in a romantic scene with Reese Witherspoon, on account of his industry has access to and possession of just about every motion picture DVD there is out there.

What a terrific resource to have nearby, right?

Recently he lent my first wife a few flicks: A Harry Potter movie for my son, True Grit, and something else.

The only problem was - as we found out the other day leaving our kids with their babysitting aunt - that the Harry Potter movie wouldn't play in our DVD player?

Why was that? I investigated when I got home to my disappointed brood/sitter.

There was no label on the disk but I think I figured out that my circa 1998 DVD player won't play what appears to be a Blu-Ray DVD.


No problem. I think I saw $85 Blu-Ray players at the Sony Store around Christmas. And I have about 150,000 Sony Points on my credit card so I can upgrade our DVD player for free.

Oh wait, there is a problem.

It seems, after some Googling, that my fat-screen, circa 1998 32-inch color television (not a Zenith!) isn't able to display or perhaps even connect to a Blu-Ray player.

So now I'm going to have to buy a new freakin' TV too if I want to take advantage of this new friend of ours' motion picture collection. Double crap!

Oh well. I'm trying to construct a completely TV-free household. At best I think I'll be able to give up watching major sporting events, get rid of the cable box, and get by with one of those newfangled web-enabled TVs - perhaps with a $8 Netflix subscription.  Once I can pay for The Masters and Celtics/Patriots games a la carte I'm done with old-fangled cable - as I suspect many other people will be.

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