Friday, February 11, 2011

Public Intolerance For Diverse Stupidity

Did y'all see this Buffalo Congressman who was caught emailing pics of himself to a classy broad? One who was trolling Craigslist for eligible bachelors...

As far as I'm concerned, what she did constituted borderline entrapment!

Just kidding.

I mean really....what kind of guy uses topless photos of himself to virtually flirt with women!

Realize that he didn't do anything extraordinarily immoral beyond the ill-advised flirting and lying about his age (that was hilarious!).

My sources tell me that he was a bit of a Tim Ferriss 4-Hour Body cult member; that he had just recently gotten ripped on the Slow-Carb diet coupled with a regimen of kettlebell swings BUT his wife wouldn't even take notice - so he went looking for some physical appreciation.

It amazing however, that politicians can steal money from taxpayers hand over fist, and they can vote for the worse, most Moronic legislation imaginable...

But if they do something oddly DUMB like leave an electronic wire trail to high-end escorts or respond to a Craigslist ad with their personal email address....they get pilloried in the public square!

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