Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cold, Bitter, And Mysteriously Unsatisfied!

You know, last week was pretty warm here in New York - 50 on Thurday and 60 on Friday.

Although the week before (my first week back from snowbirding in southern FL) there was a day where the high was like only 20 degrees or something.

Big deal - I put a jacket on, turned the heat up a little, and just handled it like a grown-up. That cold day wasn't so bad at all.

But when I was in Florida last month, despite my best efforts, I couldn't tune out all the *winter whining* din from up north. It was flat-out insufferable, the whining that is.

All y'all NEasterners have to man-up (and cuddle-up?) already!

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Anne Galivan said...

Last weekend was out-and-out bitterly cold here in Tallahassee and of course, it was the same weekend our fourteen-year old central A/C system gave up the ghost. It's going to cost $7000-$8000 to replace.

So... we are making do with space heaters though this week was actually quite mild and we didn't need them as much. On Friday (the 11th) when we learned there was nothing more that could be done to fix the system my husband called around to a dozen stores to find space heaters and couldn't find one. The next day my mom and aunt (who were visiting from out-of-town) found three at a CVS pharmacy. Never send a man to do a woman's job. :)

One can only imagine what had gotten under that woman's skin that day (or perhaps it would be better NOT to imagine.) Kind of thinking it wasn't the cold.