Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Off-The-Chart Homeschooling

My son, the 6.24 year old Prince is euphorically assembling his new $50 LEGO kit on the dining room table...

I, as I so often do, start teasing. I pick up the box and tell him I have to take the LEGOs away because they are only for edades 7 - 14.

He ignores me, as HE SO OFTEN DOES.

I jab again:

Dad - You're not old enough to do this.

Prince - C'mon Dad.

Dad - I'm serious. Look at the box. You're not 7 yet.

Back to ignoring me...

Dad - It's a law. The LEGO police is going to come and take this away from you.

Prince - Dad, IT'S NOT A LAW, it's only a RECOMMENDATION.

Now I'm chuckling.

Prince - The thing is a piece of cake.

Dad - A what?

Prince - A piece of cake.

Dad - It's not cake....It's made out of PLASTIC.

Prince - I know it's not made out of cake. Don't you know what an IDIOM is?

HAH! An *idiom*... He must have learned about that on the edu-website I've got him on - ($20 a month).

And just last week the petulant pedant was trying to inform me of the *difference between a fact and an opinion* (!) that he also apparently learned about on that website.

Today he just about took my queen from me during our daily chess game - and that wasn't the first close call either!

Check him out his sister's *baby math game* - which he insisted on playing:

Again, we haven't done hardly any math in the past 12 months; we essentially stopped when he hit algebra before he was 5.25 years old. But presently we are going to ramp it up again. Check out his math post today on linear equations. The Prince is anxious to get through algebra SO HE CAN START CALCULUS.

Offhand I would say this is about the third time in the past couple of years that he's taken an noticeable, jaw-dropping leap off the charts.

BTW, that's MathRider in the video above. I've procured a copy of the software and will have a full review up in a couple of weeks, after my daughter puts some more time into it and I am able to assess progress.


noon said...
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Laura said...

We see the brilliance trajectory in our family too. Damn kids are much smarter than I am now (because I went to public school?) What's worse, all these years I've been unintentionally modeling sarcasm for them and now they're now much wittier than their parents too. sigh

One aside, YOU are too old to play with Legos. Read any box. Sorry.

CaptiousNut said...


Indeed I am too old for LEGOs.

I was sitting there eating a Tim Ferriss (i.e. disgusting) dinner.

I don't watch kids' movies/shows or play with their toys, as a rule.