Saturday, February 26, 2011

On Web Pollution

I only recently heard the term *content farm*. I mean I certainly was well-acquainted with eHow, ezinearticles, and friends, I knew they were fonts of garbage, but naively I didn't fully understand their sordid business/economics.

Read this very interesting *article* - Google Kills eHow Competitors, eHow Ranks Up.

Warning - that guy really, really loathes all things Google!

The web has certainly gotten very crowded the past few years. While my blog output has been increasing in volume and quality(!) web traffic has stagnated for the past 1.5 years.

I'm not sure exactly why but I sense that while I've been focusing on writing, my website competitors have instead been focused on gaming the search results and whatnot.

We're a *blame society*, right?

So whom could we blame for polluting our glorious internet with dating advice written in broken English by Third World Asians?

Blame Google? Blame Google because it's their AdSense network that's subsidized these so-called content farms/mills?

Nah....we rightfully have to blame the Morons who actually click on the ads!

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