Thursday, February 24, 2011

So my son is sitting next to me at his PC and he takes off his headphones:

Prince - Hey Dad.

CaptiousNut - Yeah?

Prince - I think we should get a hybrid car.

CaptiousNut - Why is that?

Prince - Because it doesn't create any air pollution.

Hah! Laughing:

CaptiousNut - Well that's not exactly true....we'll talk about it later.

My son was on - one of these $20 a month educational websites. They have tons of cartoonish videos that kids can watch and hopefully learn from.

Now I can't vet everything he reads, watches, etc. but most of what I hear from that site I like. Heck my son is riveted by it. Once last week he was on the site for 3 hours straight.

They have a free trial which we used up many months ago. In fact my son tried to simply re-register for the free trial only to be nixed for using the same email address. (I have to teach him how to create dummy addresses/names!)

Someone in town sent me their government elementary school's password so we are just using that. Our $9,000 in annual school taxes pay for it anyway ($14,000 total property tax!), right?

Anyways I relayed the above dialogue to my wife. She laughed and renominated the site -

There was more to come...

A couple days later my son informed me that we had descended from apes!

And then just yesterday I heard use the avowedly pagan expression *B.C.E* instead of B.C. It stands for *before common era* and is a new one for secular revisionists.

Am I worried about my son's mind being corrupted from this type of content - like so many other parents are and would be?

Not a chance.

Not only do I relish debunking's quite often a great learning opportunity on a silver platter.


Anonymous said...

My kids have brought back similar pieces of mis-education from their govt schools. It has been entertaining helping them to understand reality.
The big topic now is how "green" jobs are going to save the planet.
On a side note, it's amusing but also expensive to watch our leaders make stupid decisions because of a lack of basic understanding of nearly all fields outside of rhetoric and argumentation.

CaptiousNut said...


You think they understand *rhetoric* and *argumentation*?

How about *evasion* and *scapegoating* as more accurate descriptions?

The next genuine political argument I hear between sitting pols will also be the first!

Anonymous said...

I agree: evasion and scapegoating are definitely more accurate.

CaptiousNut said...

My is learning about *pig flu* from that now!

It's actually pushing vaccinations and extolling, hold your nose, the World Health Organization!