Monday, February 07, 2011

Color TV Serendipity

For a few years now on this blog I've discussed cutting color TV out of my life and my family's life.

And just yesterday I mentioned how our house, with my multiple-TV MIL moving out, now has ZERO color TVs in the common rooms. All that's left is one in my bedroom which my children are almost never permitted to watch. They only get to watch it, as a last resort, when we have company over so that adults can socialize unmolested for a few brief moments - and that hasn't been too often in the past 8-9 months!

Anyways, there were a couple people over our house last weekend - people who needn't be further identified - that according to my wife, they left our house on account of a lack of a color TV. Seriously.

Now the brain benefits of tuning out the boob tube have been at the forefront of my thinking on this matter...

BUT I had never even considered the *socialization* benefits from removing the *idiot boxes*!

I knew a bar owner in Philadelphia who owned and managed many different bars over the years including The Rose Tattoo and my favorite from back in the day Chaucers.

He didn't allow his bartenders to turn the color TVs on except for very, very special events. He insisted that TV destroyed the social atmosphere of a bar.

Really, what value does a houseguest add to you life if they just want to sit and watch TV at your place? They can be reading to my kids - or playing with them.

I swear, this societal TV addiction is a DISEASE.

Recall I was completely ignored at a family reunion while my *relatives* all scrambled to watch a meaningless Red Sox game. See my feisty related post from 3.5 years ago - Family Dissolution.

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Anonymous said...

I have been TV free for over 10 years.

The people who visit actually enjoy conversation and debate.

My favorite bar has no TVs. No Bud, Miller, or Coors products.

Thus a much better clientele and atmosphere.