Thursday, February 03, 2011

Stuck In Florida?

Although I had to leave our rented condo in Naples Monday the 31st, I'm still very much enjoying Florida.

We drove up 2+ hours to Bradenton to stay with my aunt and uncle. (I had my father in tow, too.)

So it was good to see them. We had a nice dinner and then stayed up all night playing backgammon - my new game.

Then yesterday we drove down 10 miles to Sarasota to see my godfather who's wisely been snowbirding for years. We played mini golf at one of those *upscale joints*. For two kids and 3 adults it cost freaking $48!

After that we drove up and had a leisurely lunch on the water - at Mattison's. We spent some time hanging out in my uncle's new thirtysomething foot sailboat. I left the kids with my aunt and then with the two old guys we headed out to see Anna Maria Island and Long Boat Key - two places I'd never even heard of.

While walking the beach we received word that another aunt and uncle of mine who were staying further north in Clearwater would be joining us for dinner as well. Their flight home into Boston or Providence or wherever had been canceled on account of yet another snowstorm. So we had this very well-attended, enjoyable, and delectable (pasta with my meat sauce) family dinner. Beer, improv dance shows from the Princess, and backgammon followed the world famous Publix Key Lime Pie. It was almost like someone transplanted one of our usual family get-togethers 1,300 miles south from Central Massachusetts!

Did I mention it was almost 80 degrees?

Then today we departed for Orlando. I'm crashing at my jabroni's house as I did on the drive down. I took the kids to the picturesque Lake Eola park for a bit, which they very much enjoyed, then I left them at the house with Mrs. Jabroni while we went to play a round of golf. We squeezed 17 holes in about 2.5 hours - something that can only be done on these *country clubs*.

Then I bolted out to meet up with a high school friend - one whom I hadn't seen for 15+ years. I met this guy/boy when we were 14....and in a few months we'll both be 37! $hit we are OLD.

With the kids and exhausted Jabroni family in bed I'm sitting here at my computer - trying to put a dent in my email and trying to figure out which ripoff Orlando park to take them to tomorrow. Just about all of them cost the same - $80 for an adult and $75 for each kid. (That's $230 for my family's admission, Morons.)

But it's not such an easy decision to make. I'm sitting here trying to see what's best to do also based on weather(69 degrees?), Friday's weather forecast (81 degrees?), and I'm Googling freakin' *height restrictions*. My kids are twerps and I hate to pay full freight for a park where half of the rides are off-limits. I'm also not sure how it would work with just one parent being there. Could or should I take one kid on a ride and leave the other to wait for us?

Anyways, I'm leaning toward Universal Studios on account of its new Harry Potter exhibit. Although it doesn't look like my son can go on 1 or 2 of its main rides. Should I tell him the bad news beforehand or let him find out at the park????

My plan originally was to hit I-95 tomorrow and be back home on Long Island in 2.5 days or so.


It seems my wife hired a few contractors in my absence!

She's having walls painted, a closet built, and floors polyurethaned. I was told not to come home until Sunday. And then I was told subsequently not to come home until Monday. So it looks like I'm going to be squatting at people's houses, at motels, and living out of my car and my bags for several more days. Whatever...what's the rush to go back up to that arctic disaster anyway?

Did I mention that is was so warm that my buddy just put the air conditioner on - at 9pm?!?!


AnneGalivan said...

You've probably already made your decision about parks but I would pick Sea World if it were me.

By the way, don't even think of leaving one of your kids while you ride with the other. You've surely heard of the cases where Disney has on occasion hired pervs? If the employees can't be trusted you sure can't trust the park patrons.

Lucy said...

I've never been to any of the parks but Disney World, but if the others work similarly, the best gig is to get another adult (or older kid) to go with you, then one takes the kid that's tall enough on the ride while the other waits with the little kids, and then you switch. At DW that means you can get in the Fast Pass line, and the tall-enough kid gets to ride twice!

neil said...

don't know what you have for a cell-but if you have a droid or iphone there are free apps that will give you current wait times at disney and universal. both places are probably dead this time of year, although harry potter can have some really long lines at times just to get in that section of the park.