Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eighties LoDef Color TV Time Warp

Y'all will be amazed at how many of the *details* you remember from these opening clips!

And some of you wimps might even tear up in a fit of nostalgia - or from the realization of HOW FREAKIN' OLD YOU ARE!

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Anne Galivan said...

My daughter bought me the first season of "Miami Vice" for Christmas. I can't say I'm a huge fan. I had honestly never seen it before, but she took a chance. (On a side note, I bought myself the first season of "Burn Notice" which I love.)

There WAS a fantastic part in the pilot episode where Don Johnson is talking about his alligator that was (he says) originally a mascot for the Florida Gators. Only those with a passion for a Florida college team can understand all the underlying funnies in that little scene. (P.S. We are die-hard Seminole fans, just for the record.)

I do like that they use '80's hits during the shows...I thought only modern shows TV shows were in the habit of using hit songs.

One other thing: I learned a valuable (well, not really) lesson from watching just the pilot episode. Apparently, whenever you see a beach scene in a movie or TV show today, EVERY woman in the scene has implants. I guarantee you every one. How do I know?

There is an extended beach scene in the pilot episode of "Miami Vice" and every single woman in the scene is flat-chested. I mean there wasn't even a B-cup anywhere. Typical aspiring model/actresses of the '80's. Nowadays it is apparently a prerequisite to upgrade to a D-cup (at least) if you hope to even have a "girl in the background" role. Sorry guys...they're not real.