Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Edu-Site, In Utero

I'm looking for a handful of parents with youngsters (ages 3-6?) who would like to help me develop, design, and essentially volunteer to be guinea pigs in the launch of my new educational website.

The site's format is starting to take shape in my mind and now I'm looking to really get it going. At the outset it will be geared toward the young'uns - all of them, even the ones who might(!) be attending government school down the road.

So those interested should just shoot me a quick email ("captiousnut at gmail dot com") on the side.

I should say that my site will not be a generic blog; ultimately it's going to be paid membership site (albeit very inexpensive) with tiers of content access. There will hopefully be a couple of other important dimensions to it but we can talk about that later.

Obviously  whoever helps me out in this endeavor will not only benefit directly from my *expertise*, they will also earn lifetime access to whatever it is I end up marketing down the road.

I'm just wondering who the bleep was commissioned to take that picture!


paul mitchell said...

Let the nightmares commence. Thanks, the sleep depriving photo.

CaptiousNut said...


You got another girl pregnant?

I thought that you had voluntarily disarmed...???

paul mitchell said...

Dude, I am a redneck, ain't no doctor touching MY junk.

But, no pregnant chicks. Thank goodness.

CaptiousNut said...

The *mom* is cute. Ain't nothing like maternal beauty. Even Will Durant said that! (seriously)

I saw 52 signs on I-75 last month advertising no-snip and no-cut vasectomies.

But I've never, EVER, seen one up here in blueneck country. (Northeast)

paul mitchell said...

Then that would lend one to believe that more de-manning would go on down here. Honestly, I cannot think of anyone I know that has had it done. Of course, my friends and I just do not sit around talking about our junk.

The place those snip and neuter places need to build are right here in the middle of moonbat world in Lexington, Kentucky.