Monday, February 28, 2011

Speaking of Hockey Dads...

Remember Thomas Junta?

Man, did that guy ever get hosed! Hosed at his trial and then afterwards from the judge and parole board.

Basically, some skinny junkie *hockey dad* attacked him, wearing his skates if memory serves me, and Junta threw the guy down, punched him 2-3 times in the face, and the guy died. Junta served 8 years for defending himself. The judge wouldn't allow any of the *junkie* evidence in court and gave Junta TWICE the recommended sentence for involuntary manslaughter, 6-10 years.

And in an age when no one ever serves a full term and drug dealers walk left and right, the Parole Board made Junta serve almost his full term.  Ouch.

We're left wondering exactly what type of queer message this 'Commonwealth of sports pagans' was trying to send.  I KNOW these heathens weren't trying to codify *turn the other cheek*!

But what else would you expect from Massachusetts - the dumbest State in America?

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Anonymous said...

just googled him, what a sad story.

did he twist his head like in movies...cann't imagine just 3 blows causing that.

CaptiousNut said...

He is huge and the other guy is/was skinny. Junta is tall too. I think Junta had him on the ground and was sitting on the other guy when he belted him.

Junta himself had very bad knees and couldn't even kneel down normally.

This guy flat out attacked him and behaved like a junkie. Shame on that jury.

I watched the trial on Court TV way back when.

This could happen to any one of us who instinctually punches back to defend ourselves.