Monday, February 28, 2011

Homeschooling Math Update

That's an *old* clip of my Princess (one month ago).

I started her on multiplication when we got to Florida. In about 1.5 months she's just about mastered the basics (1-10 tables).

All I did was make her fill out that homemade multiplication table - every single day. That's about it!

Though now we're working on her *speed* with Math Rider - which I've found very good for creating an urgency that my kids don't experience on account of not being in a conventional school with its quizzes, tests, and whatnot. I will have a full review of that product shortly. But so far, the Princess is doing very well with it.

Today my son is participating in his first *math competition*.

He's doing World Math Day in the 4-7 year old division.

It's an internet event. He squares off in 100 one minute rounds against kids from all over the globe -although the winners will be determined by aggregate score, by who answers the most most questions correctly. Contestants have 48 hours to play their *games* between today and tomorrow.

Anyone ages 4-18 can sign up just click the link above. And hurry!

So far my son is on his 25th game or so. The first 20 were simple math questions like "8+2" and "10+0".  But now the questions are getting tougher.

I'm ashamed to admit that I gave my son an earful when two blokes from Ireland beat him in one round. He was goofing around and not concentrating!

Ooh I do hope that I don't turn into a math version of the stereotypical *hockey dad*...

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