Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Road To Arctic Hell

We left Orlando yesterday around noon:30 wearing shorts and with the AC on in the car. It was around 70 degrees and rising rapidly as the sun stared to break through.  The forecast was for 81 degrees.

But only a few hours north in Jacksonville it was already down to the 50!  I just don't know why anyone would live a little north of Orlando - they are soooo close to a much, much better winter climate.

We drove through light rain all the way to a Day's Inn in Florence, South Carolina where it was 37 degrees at 8pm! - 7.5 hours, 450 miles.

I had to take everybody's shorts off, dig down deep in our bags, and replace them with long-legged trousers.

Google says we have 11.5-12 hours of driving left which is doable today. But it's wet out and I'm in no hurry. Perhaps I'll stop in Philly tonight, get a cheesesteak at Pat's and buy a few dozen Amoroso's rolls that I'll wrap tightly in saran wrap and freeze. You know when you defrost them (slowly, on the counter), they retain much of their delicious essence.

Don't worry y'all....when I get up north the snow will be done for the season!

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