Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stoopid Yet Talented?

I first heard of that group yesterday . The guy next to me the bar said he had just erroneously referred to them as *Somewhat Stupid* in a text message to his teenage daughter and was summarily ridiculed.

He said they were a *white reggae* band. I didn't hear anything that I would say fits in that category. But they don't sound bad, at all.

Of course a band with that moniker would have over a minute of black nothing on its YouTube video.

And I'm just going to guess that's a Kfell kinda group...


Anonymous said...

Hey C-Nut,

Love the Blog! I have been reading for a couple of years now, and your content keeps getting better. Totally unrelated to slightly stoopid, but I was wondering if you could post about what yoga DVDs and youtube clips you use in your practice.


CaptiousNut said...


Glad you are content with my content!

I could easily throw out 10-15 posts a day if it was a remunerable endeavor. So I feel like my content is only a fraction of what I could out-put.

Doing yoga everyday can make you bored with the instructors. I started using the free programs on Comcast OnDemand. The only names I can remember from when I started are Maura Barclay, Elise Gulan, Sara Ivanhoe and perhaps Shiva Rea. I think technically it was *Exercise TV*.

But again, I easily got bored so I rotated often; did parts of workouts; and tried to sneak in my own routines between diapers, homeschooling, occasional trading, etc.

Moving to NY I was happy to realize that Verizon Fios had Veria and Fit TV channels which both featured a ton of workouts: aerobics, pilates, yoga, All-Star Workouts, .... I setup the DVR to tape a bunch of these shows but it wasn't even necessary because there was usually something on on one of the channels that I could do. Also MSG (channel) has a regular yoga show that's not too bad either.

This past fall I bought P90x (used) and for a while took to those workouts. They have a decent yoga disk that my wife and I have both done more than a few times. "Namaste Yoga" (Fit TV?) is one that I also use to do a lot - although it's a little on the light side.

On YouTube there's *dashama*. For DVDs (and books) there's Rodney Yee.

But lately (past two months) I haven't been doing much yoga at all - no less following any instructor.

I'm experimenting with stretching my body, legs, and back naturally throughout the day (and while I sleep!). That *8 Steps To A Health Back* which I blogged on is a game-changer. Definitely revisit my post. While I've been pumping Tim Ferriss' book a lot....personally 8 Steps To A Healthy Back has done a whole lot more. And since I've fixed my back (a lot?) I've noticed that when doing yoga stretches with a straight/long back I get a whole lot more out of them. I sort of hit a wall with yoga - a point of diminishing returns and that was probably because my slightly swayed pelvis was holding me back.

CaptiousNut said...


My wife recommends Baron Baptiste.

west coast tom. said...

slightly stoopid was huge in la a couple of years ago.

CaptiousNut said... was Todd Marinovich!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the suggestions, I look forward to trying them out. I too suffer from a bad back, and started doing the P90X yoga work out and felt immediate relief. I started looking into yoga classes but where i live in Northern New Jersey they are at least 18$ for an hour of instruction!

Thanks for the advice


CaptiousNut said...

That sounds cheap.

My wife goes to $25 an hour yoga classes!