Thursday, February 03, 2011

Unaffiliated - Did Tim Ferriss Mess Up?

I was just about to Marginalize author Tim Ferriss for not putting Amazon affiliate links for The 4-Hour Body up on his site...

After all, he told a bazillion people to go out and buy, for only one thing, that Bosu ball pictured above. At $100 each, he'd reap at least $6 from Amazon for every one he (directly) helped sell. I mean, how much is he making on a $14 book sale anyway? It can't be much more than $6 I would think - at best. And this is just one of many, many examples. He could easily make a small fortune in affiliate commissions from the obscure and pricey nutritional supplements he touted.

But I just noticed that he recently got around to publishing an exhaustive page of his recommended products on his blog - and the links were all affiliated.

How much money did this mistake cost him? I'd wager a lot. Heck the first, most obvious thing I was thinking reading the beginning of his book was how it was going to be an affiliate gold mine. So why was he so slow in getting his act together on this? Mr. Outsourcer Supreme could have paid someone small change ($500?) to make that page for him. It rightfully should have been done BEFORE the book launch, BEFORE his biggest fans had a chance to read the book and scrounge for the prescribed products themselves.

Furthermore, I don't like how hard it is to find, how un-prominent his page of links is, not all.  He should have a big tab right atop the main page.

No Bosu Ball yet for me.  I'm busy trying a lot of his other recession-friendly recommendations.  I especially can't wait to get home to the kettlebell I purchased right before leaving for Florida.

But if I do decide to buy the Bosu....I'll happily use one of Tim's links.

Oh yeah....and Tim also botched the *forum* business side of his book too.  He's just now trying to get a paid membership site set up for his body-chiseling enthusiasts.  There's software and online marketing types galore out there who could have done this for him, easily, for a song.  If you want to join, he's starting it at $10 a month...

That is, if I don't use one of my son's!

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