Tuesday, February 07, 2012

All About The Parents

So I just read - Training a Tiger - the book written by Tiger Woods' father, Earl.

Here's my conclusion...

Tiger Woods is nothing more than a creation of his hard-charging father. He wasn't born with any more golfing aptitude or physical prowess than millions of others young brats.

The ONLY reason he became a great golfer is because his father STARTED EARLY. That's it.

The freakin' kid was learning to swing before he was even a year old. And I mean LEARNING, not swinging a Fisher Price club once in a while. Tiger and Earl practiced EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Earl was deliberate, scientific, and UNRELENTING in his tutelage. Rightfully, every trophy Tiger hoists up is a tribute more to his parent(s) than to himself.

So if you want a proven recipe for raising an extraordinary child....there it is.

(It worked for Mozart too.)

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