Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Hypocritic Oath

Hah! Just imagine what the results would have been/said if *doctors* were truly honest in their answers...

Of course it's understandable that doctors aren't totally forthcoming in delivering bad prognoses, in disclosing financial bias, etc. After all it's not like real estate agents, financial advisers, politicians, and the rest are pure by any stretch...

But in my experience, doctors do have an EXTRAORDINARILY LOW OPINION of their patients and the lumpen masses in general.

Why so arrogant and condescending?

Well you have to remember that they have been anointed by Big Education more than just about any other group. Medical school has been, by far, the most competitive and popular destination for *school nerds* over the past 30+ years - if not longer.

I myself haven't been to a doctor in MANY, MANY YEARS. A bunch of them messed me up with horrible advice/surgery after I suffered a car accident some 13 years ago. They actually all told me NOT TO DO precisely what eventually helped!

The idea that a physician can make YOU healthy remains ludicrous. Only individuals that accept their health as a personal responsibility will ever *look like me*.

Google your ailments. Find your own self-help regimens. And emulate the habits of the fittest people on planet Earth....that's all anyone has to do.

Oh yeah....and throw away that poisonous armchair and color TV!


Mark said...

yeah you got bum advice and i know many docs don't tell patients what they need to do for that back pain, that knee pain, etc. Exercise, strengthen that core... so much easier to give pain pills and then the slow inexorable decline follows...
however we have learned that the vast majority of americans are LAZY and DUMB.. a few do listen and can understand (and right their situation)
But I agree with what your brother said when he was going door to door for a job.. I hate dealing with the public

CaptiousNut said...


Thanks for coming here and buttressing my point!