Thursday, February 16, 2012

No School Is Better Than A Sham Education

Hah! Of course all *experts* think they know more than regular folk....they are the high priests of information, and all enlightenment must go through them!

I would love to have asked this *education* priestess, this hideous broad, on the stand, in front of everyone...

What's 7 times 13?

What's the capital of Nevada?

Could you please define *irony*?

Okay. Now you can SHUT UP about *education*.

And I have taken this tack, several times with Morons. Seven times thirteen is my very favorite interrogation!

They invariably respond, "Well I'm not good with numbers/math..." or "I don't know, that's why I send my kids to school to learn more than I did, from more qualified teachers..."

But the fact is, their own basic ignorance is a product of the very same, ineffective educational system. And actually the schools THEY went to way back when were actually more academically demanding.

So, in summary, we have demonstrable Morons eagerly sending their kids to worse institutions than the ones that produced THEM.


Paul Mitchell said...

It should be legal to punch an adult in throat that cannot perform multiplication for 13. That is horrible.

Laura said...

So well said, my friend. I'll enjoy sharing this.