Monday, February 06, 2012

Laughing At Those Ubiquitous Little Fascists

I was on the near-empty beach in Bradenton, FL the other day and I turned and asked the couple behind me if they had a bottle opener.

The 'old bag' snapped back, "NO GLASS ON THE BEACH."

Did that mean she had one and just didn't want to *share*???

I shook it off and chatted later on anyway. Turns out she's a retired government school teacher. I was downright SHOCKED.

A couple weeks ago at the library, in the children's section, one of the librarians scolded me for *rocking back in my chair*. Seriously.  I almost knocked the...

We've had some problems in our *secular* homeschool co-op lately - though not with the people who actually DO THINGS. It turns out the phantom hierarchy of our group is about as small-minded as they come. They have all sorts of ridiculous rules, censor discussion unnecessarily, have sham *disclosures*, midnight votes, Nazi moderators who ENFORCE *civility* and inclusiveness,... These people literally have NOTHING else going on in their lives, apparently. I mean most of us have left the school system PRECISELY to get away from all that bureaucracy and political correctness. So these clowns jump at the first chance they get to establish their own little fascist regime?

And unfortunately they have free reign because the rest of us are busy, ya know, doing slightly more meaningful things.

Although my new favorite act of little fascists has just got to be....those people who delete Facebook comments. I've seen and experienced it a few times now.

In almost all these instances the censorship/scolding is far worse/dangerous or more offensive than the offense.

Oftentimes it backfires too. I become emboldened and more persistent...

BTW, there was apparently a sign on the Bradenton beach, "No Glass Bottles, $500 fine"!

A handful of years ago some Moronic lifeguard (a school teacher, in Boston, of course!) told me that I would be surprised at how easily glass bottles can break on sand.

She's right! I'd be blown out of my (bleepin') mind if I saw someone drop a glass bottle ON SAND and saw it shatter! There's probably no safer place for glass bottles on EARTH than the beach.

Plus, it's not like the beach isn't already a veritable mine-field of sharp objects: coral, shells, etc.

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