Monday, February 20, 2012

Oil Morons

Oil's getting jumpy again these days and all the Morons know precisely why...

It's because of *Iran* and *Mideast tension* of course!

Anyone who doesn't know that, well, he most certainly can't fancy himself informed.

BUT this is complete bull$hit!

They've been scapegoating Mideast tension, threats, and terrorism for every uptick in the price of oil FOR YEARS.

Check this out:

Oh my! Oil is skyrocketing again from Mideast political nonsense....all the way up to a whopping $31 a barrel!!!

But note that this was clipped from WAY BACK IN 2001!

Yeah, rising oil has nothing to do with years of minimal exploration and development, environmental restrictions, growing global demand, and the biggie....RAMPANT MONEY PRINTING by politicians! If you believed the newspapers, you'd think every single tick from $20 to today's $105 was due to Mideast nonsense.

While we don't have an oil crisis by any stretch...

We do have the far worse crisis of hundreds of millions of Morons who consume, digest, and then re-propagate the *information* that's fed to them by Big Government  - via its apparatchiks Big Education and Big Media.

The Republican Party LOVES this oil/Mideast mythology as it helps rally its sizable pro-military interests and constituents, and Big Oil...

And the Democratic Party LOVES this oil/Mideast mythology because it rallies the peaceniks, internationalists, and environmentalists.


David said...

I mean seriously, Baken shale oil is going for $71/barrel right now. Can they not build another pipeline. There is more oil around than we can use right now. It's just ridiculous to see prices where they are when it has nothing to do with supply/demand and a lot more to do with transporting oil to places it will get used. Hence the 105 for wti and 125 for Brent. Brent is shit compared to wti but is bidded up more b/c where it is coming from. I still won't get a prius.

West Coast Tom. said...

Now you're talkin'