Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Already Tanned!

After 6 days on the road, squatting at friend's, relatives', and Motel 6....we've finally arrived here in Naples for what's now our 3rd snowbird adventure in the past 4 years.

It's funny - the real estate agent remarked to me today that she was surprised how *young* I was. Of course she mostly deals with 'old coots' in these situations.

This year we are a little further from Vanderbilt Beach, but not that bad at all. It's called Bridgewater Bay and we've rented a nice 3 BR, 2.5 Bath unit for the grand total of $3,200 (all in, i.e. taxes, cleaning, fees, etc.).

There were some small communication issues right down to yesterday when I wasn't sure I even had a place to rent. (Note: I was only 2 hours away!)

It's a little risky and annoying to do what I do (wait to the end of the month and then lowball unrented units) but it paid off yet again. Normally something like this would cost $4,000 for February.

There was supposed to be a broadband internet connection here but apparently that's not going to happen until the weekend. Meanwhile I am free-riding one of these nearby fossil's unsecured WiFi.

The journey has certainly worn me out, living out of bags, all the driving, MY KIDS, the insufferable 85 degree weather,....but I think the biggest toll on me was wrought by all the junk food implicit in travel. I just loaded up on groceries at Publix ($240) and hope to be done with eating $hit for a little while.

Aside from all the dinosaurs this really is the life, wintering in South Florida...

My kids excitedly jumped in the pool today and I had to drag them out 2.5 hours later. Seriously, they didn't step out for even a second!

I admit I did doze off a few times while I was on duty. But at least now they can swim.


Anonymous said...

"the insufferable 85 degree weather" ??
I thought that was one of the reasons to go to FLA in the winter?
Normally it takes me about a week to start feeling the heat on a winter getaway ... hope this isn't a sign of impending illness for you.

Be sure to send some postcards back home informing everyone the only ice in Fla is in the drinks!

CaptiousNut said...


The *insufferable* comment was a gloating, sarcastic postcard!