Monday, February 06, 2012

Full Episodes Online?

The cheap 'old coots' that own the condo we are renting down here in Naples have neither an internet connection nor a cable color TV one.

Well they have some *basic cable* that comes for free from the development....but it only has about 7 channels. Now THAT is basic!

On Saturday I did manage to get Comcast to hook up a broadband internet connection for us. Last night, with my wife still here, a raging headache (not related), and while sulking over that horrible American football Superbowl result (also unrelated) we felt like vegetating a bit.

So instead of plugging the TV back in (been replaced by my PC) in the bedroom, I was happy to discover that we could stream NBC's The Firm on the 22 inch monitor of my PC. It came in HD and was crystal clear on a 'full screen' too.

While most of us are not cheap 'old coots' and have cable....I do wonder how many people out there are simply watching their shows (and apparently there are many available) online these days. I mean I no longer endure SportsCenter just to see Celtics highlights (my team) - instead I just watch them instantly on (part of the GO network!).

I would venture to say that most of the networks DO NOT really promote the online viewing option. Probably because of the delicate relationship they THINK they have with advertisers and cable companies.

Whatever. Screw cable and screw commercials! We're trending inexorably towards an online, pay-per-view media landscape.

All this freakin' *bundling* - landlines (who needs one?), cable, and internet is bull$hit. It's just a scam by Verizon, Comcast, and friends to keep consumers paying more than they should, longer than they should have to.


Anonymous said...

A wireless internet blue Ray DVD player is all you need to stream to your TV.

CaptiousNut said...

But what is it going to stream - the Blu-Ray movie only, right?

This is pretty cool, I think.

I just wish it wasn't such a PIA to use my Google TV remote to change YouTube videos and what not. (It's a two-handed remote!)

Anonymous said...

Stream anything available on the internet. Free stuff from your amazon prime account,, youtube, netflix, etc etc etc.

Anne Galivan said...

No landline? That's assuming that you get good cell service at home. We don't. If you stand outside you might be able to make a call, but even then it's dicey. Some of us don't live in thriving metropolises like you!

I tell people we "live in the woods" because even though we live in a development, it's out here in the middle of nothing except, well...woods! (With lots of wildlife, some cute, some not so much).

We've NEVER paid for cable in our lives. But we get quite a few channels digitally and my daughter bought us a Netflix subscription so we can stream various TV shows that interest us - my sons' favorite is that crazy Bear Grylls, but we also like "Man v. Food." Working our way through that series right now. Even my 9-year old loves it!

Glad you've been enjoying your vacation. I'm trying not to be jealous! Can't wait for the warm weather!

CaptiousNut said...

Hi Anne,

Our cordless cell service at home, just got better. We are 500 yard from the water so...

Cable TV is a jam-job, for sure. It's a waste of time too. I yearn for the day when I can just order sporting events on a pay-per-view basis and watch them streamed on my devices.

Of course by then, internet access will probably cost as much as cable TV used to!

What vacation? This is only a vacation from the weather. I'm doing a ton of math/reading/chess/writing with my kids; and I'm on my own, parentwise.

It is also a vacation from that *activity mayhem* back in NY too.

My wife arrived late last night. So we'll all be here for the next two weeks+.....bliss! So my semi-vacation starts today.