Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dos Movie Recs

I just went deep into my pocket for the free 1-month trial of Netflix (online streaming) and came across two terrific movies which I highly recommend:

As for The Fighter...

I can't believe that I grew up in Massachusetts and had really no idea who Mickey Ward was! BTW, they did a bang-up job portraying Lowell, Massachusetts in the 1980s. While I've never been there myself it came off as IDENTICAL to my hometown/city of Worcester. (There's very little diversity in that horrible State!)

I'm sure it was just a freak occurrence that I came across two really decent movies on Netflix right off the bat. Motion pictures have generally sucked for 15+ years now. Still it's a pretty good deal at $8 a month...


Anonymous said...

been a long time reader, i like your homeschool philosophy.

regarding day care, did you ever send kids to day care? even when they were 2 or 3 yr old ? Were you always "house dad".

Just went to drop off my kid to day care today (first time for the kid), its depressing, to say the least. Not many options though, both of us work...may be hire a nanny and manage working from home ?

did you ever work from home.

Kevin said...

Hey I have tried renting the movie below from local www.RedBox.com a couple of times but others have beaten me to it.


If Netflicks has it it looks interesting

CaptiousNut said...


Unfortunately that's not available to stream yet.


When we moved to NC in 2004 I started working from home. Our first was born in November and I haven't been in an office since early that year. (Trading *off the floor* is not really working - and that's all I ever did.)

No daycare whatsoever. When the kids turned 3 they did 1.5 or 2 hours twice a week at local community center. When the boy was 4 he may have gone 3 times a week but that's it.

I strongly believe daycare is one of the worst things out there. See my prior post for starters.

Ideally you'll figure out a way to keep one parent on the homefront down the road.

When I picked my kids up from that community center they were always in a jacked-up bratty mood. So much for *socialization*!

kevin said...

if you like boxing check this out especially the 9th round clip ...
I wonder how long it will be until M. Ward has outwards signs of being punch drunk ... the other guy's wife killed him before any signs could appeared



CaptiousNut said...

Thanks Kev,

Going to bring that awesome clip to the front page!