Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Golf - To Get Away From Women!

So apparently Golf Digest ran some politically-correct male bashing piece...

And one 'old coot' went ballistic. Here's his PUBLISHED letter:

Dear Editor,

I would like to register a strenuous objection to the recent "Woman Undercover" article in the March Golf Digest. As a man, and I am hardly alone in this, I am completely sick and tired of the anti-male bashing that is rampant in the media and in pop culture in this country. To continue these stereotypical attacks is highly irresponsible and I demand a retraction and an apology. The entire premise of the piece is typical of the woman-centric writing these days.

Basically you start with your own bias and prejudice and then attempt to manipulate the circumstances to justify your preconceived notions. You couldn't even get through the first sentence before the insults and name calling begins. "Ask a guy what he thinks about women playing golf, and unless he's a knuckle-dragger of the first order." So, if I'm a man and I don't want to play golf that day with a woman I am a "knuckle-dragger"? What is the female equivalent of that, "miserable bitch"? What would you say if a man wrote that about a woman? Would Golf Digest print that? Why is it OK to refer to a man as a knuckle-dragger and not refer to a woman as a miserable bitch? Clearly there is a double standard in these matters. So, the premise of the piece is that you trot out Kim Hall in her archetype costumes attempting to bait men into giving you the response you want and the one that matches your preconceived bias. The most revealing part of the article is, "More than once, Kim and I encountered men who deliberately sped away from a woman to avoid playing golf with her. This is their right, I suppose. But it's also rude. And shameful. Can we really wonder why golf is struggling to attract women when they get this kind of treatment?"

That is their right, you suppose? You are God-damned right it is my right. In this country I have the legal right to associate with anyone I choose and if I don't want to play golf with women I can do that. "But it is rude. And shameful." Really? Why, because you say so? I have no obligation whatsoever to play golf with women and if I don't want to I won't and you have no right to force me to do it or insult me because of my choice. I paid my money to play golf and that is all. I didn't sign up for any political statements or gender warfare bullsh** and I do not want to be subjected to it from you or anyone else. It isn't my job to attract women to the game of golf. I didn't sign up for that. I play golf to escape the madness that pervades our society. It is my respite from people telling me what I should do. Get out of my face and go bother someone who cares about your agenda.

Here is the deal: Men often pay golf to get away from women. It is a short time away from the badgering, bitching and manipulation that men are subjected to from women on a regular basis. One major issue of today's modern woman is that they never, ever take responsibility for their actions and their role in any situation. Somehow they have successfully sold a bill of goods that makes them immune to any criticism. If a man has the temerity to actually criticize a woman he is immediately subjected to demonization, ridicule and name calling. Men are not genetically born with an aversion to playing golf with women. It is a learned response from environmental factors. Men know they can't talk to women about it without getting bitched at so they just avoid it altogether by "speeding away." The stupid nonsense of not stopping at the forward tees for a woman is preconceived idiocy. Do you actually think a man would do that on purpose so you can bitch at him and spoil his day? I have been in situations where I was driving the cart and the guy riding with me was playing a forward tee and I forgot to stop. It has nothing to do with gender and is a simple oversight. The fact that you choose to make it some kind of gender issue says more about your paranoia and a woman's desire to control through negativity than anything else.

Men don't want to play with women for one simple reason; because women are a pain in the ass. You should hear what is said about women in candor from every level of employee at a golf course from the cart boy to the starter, to the pro shop and the waitstaff and they will tell you that women are a pain in the ass to deal with. They complain, they are rude and they are cheap. Maybe, just maybe, you ought to do a piece on what women can do to make it more palatable to play with men. Or better yet, let me do it. Would Golf Digest print that?

As a practical matter why Golf Digest would print such an insulting article is very questionable. I assume the readership is probably 80-90% male. Why would you insult your core audience? Obviously Golf for Women magazine failed because there wasn't enough of an audience to support it. Should men be blamed for that too? It appears Ms Sternberg has inherited the token female voice for Golf Digest and normally she has a reasonable response to questions regarding male/female golf issues but this piece was way out of line. I have been a subscriber to Golf Digest off and on for over 30 years and I have the current renewal notice on my desk. I will not renew my subscription until I see a printed apology for this irresponsible hack job.

Wayne Mills, Nashua, NH


I wonder if that's reader Kfell's uncle...

I would add that it's also to *get away from children* - at least in my case.

Heck, my wife WANTS me to play golf so she can have a momentary lapse of peace!


Anonymous said...

Women in general are pace-of-play-killers. Almost as bad as male fossil f*rts.

Here's a dog poo story for ya - SAD!


CaptiousNut said...


Yeah I don't think I'd ever want to join a country club that had a lot of women who played. But more generally, I don't think I'd ever want to join a club that wasn't primarily *serious golfers* - for the pace of play issue as you mention.

Thanks for the dog poop link. I saw it on Drudge too.