Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Big Government Has Destroyed The Arts

Artsy people are always whining that no one *supports the arts*...

And they are always panhandling government for subsidies....because, you know, no one will ever paint, draw, write, sing or create anything in the absence of taxpayer funding!

It's total bull$hit of course - akin to saying that *no one will educate poor people*, *no one will perform acts of charity*, "no one will develop alternative energies*,....if the government doesn't do it.

Now if you are a starving artist, bent on your own work....what would be the obvious side-job to help pay your bills???

Yes. It would be TEACHING kids.

But those jobs don't exist for a couple of reasons.

1 - kids learn art in the course of their school curriculum.

2 - parents believe that this *education* actually takes place.

Allow me to explain.

Parents who educate their own, especially those who feel artistically ignorant, are always on the prowl for art classes, resources, and TEACHERS for their children. I speak from personal experience here too.

Now imagine if these 80 million children WERE NOT fraudulently *taught art* in school, and imagine if their parents took the lead in educating them...

Do y'all realize how many art teaching jobs would suddenly become available for these long-haired, coffee-pouring, couch-crashing, starving artists???

Alright I have to include this funny painting of a *starving artist* I just found:

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