Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jeremy Lin - An Asian God!

I'll bet you didn't know that this flash-in-the-pan point guard for the NY Knicks, Jeremy Lin, who's been playing great basketball for all of the past 2 weeks(!) is a devout Christian, right? I didn't know either - and why would I....the freakin' guy is less well-known than ME!

Realize that this guy is indeed an Asian god....

Think about it, he's a professional athlete AND a Harvard grad!

And right now I'm pretty in-tuned with Asian New Yorkers (they are legion!) and their ridiculous academic aspirations. I am potentially going to start teaching some math to Chinese kids in Queens through some enrichment academy.

It's kind of ironic, no? I'm about as violently anti-school as anyone on this overheated, doomed planet and I get to work with my literal and figurative antipodes.

But whom else would a teacher want to teach...those dumb round-eye kids that are failing???

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