Friday, February 10, 2012

Another Techno-Relic

The condo we are renting here in Naples, despite only having 7 channels of basic cable color TV, has a set of *TV trays* in the middle of the open living room.

I remember as a child in the early 1980s (AD) it was a big deal to have a *TV dinner night*. That would be the food (frozen sectioned meal with brownie that always burned) AND the privilege of eating dinner on the couch in front of the Zenith with one of those wobbly TV trays. (We had this big sheet that had to be put on the couch in all eating situations.)

But in 2012 a TV tray couldn't be more OUT.

Why would anyone want to watch TV and eat simultaneously? It would ruin the enjoyment of both. Get a DVR already or better yet stop watching the tube altogether!

'Old coots' are funny with their TV trays, masking tape, phone books, piles of newspapers, warehouses of cancelled checks and utility bills from decades ago, VCRs that have been flashing "12:00" since day 1, AOL email accounts, old coffee cans filled with rusty nails,...


Anonymous said...

TV dinners! I'd forgotten all about those. As a kid I thought that was all pretty neat. Now I can only think blecchh!

Anonymous said...

One exception is The Big Family Gathering when you have more guests than table space. Otherwise, you're right on.