Thursday, February 09, 2012

Whose Duty?

The odds are that *Dad* was on duty for this one.

BUT if he wasn't....then the smart money would be betting on the grandparents.

I saw it again yesterday at the playground. Some toddler $hits his diaper and Grandma TALKS about how it needs to be changed for 30+ minutes!

I've seen my kids' grandparents (all of them) do the same. Now 'old coots' are S L O W with everything....but self-defecation is always an urgent situation.  The longer you wait....the harder the wipe!

Two weeks ago I was victimized by a grandmother at the library. She wouldn't change her grandchild's diaper for what had to be 20 minutes. Meanwhile the entire library was getting gassed out. I was about one second from scooping up the poor kid and changing him myself!

Ultimately she took the kid out saying, "We need to go home to change your diaper..."!!!

You know they aren't far from revisiting the self-defecation life-stage themselves.

How about we let them *sit in it for a while*???


Anonymous said...

Have you ever been inside a old folks home or re-hab center when the nursing assistants change the diapers and throw away the soiled ones? The stink will peel the paint off the walls. And if the old coot has the misfortune of filling the diaper shortly after the diaper duty shift ends he or she will sit in their own shit until the next shift comes around several hours later.

CaptiousNut said...

I know....a baby's turd is nothing compared to aged, ripened bio-hazard that falls out of old men.

It's almost impossible to beat an 'old coot' in a farting contest as well.

Anonymous said...

let me guess if you were the driver on a weekend trip home while in college you would fart in the car and then lock the windows so the other passengers in the car would have to admire your work of beauty.

CaptiousNut said...


Okay some of your premise is wrong...

I NEVER went home (Mass) when I was in college in Philly - not even for holidays.

I NEVER owned a car - and didn't for many years after.

BUT you are right. I once in a while like to release in an occupied car with locked windows! My poor kids have to endure this belated juvenile delinquency.

A buddy of mine did indeed used to do this to me back in college though.

He'd turn the heat and seat warmers on for odor enhancement as well.

The only thing you can do in that situation is....*return fire*.

Overall it was a good guess!