Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Still Battling Vermin!

A minute ago I found this under my rump on my desk chair down here in Naples:

I can't for the life of me figure out how it got there.

Must have been a retarded mentally challenged lizard...

See also - Mice Body Count - 13.


Paul Mitchell said...

Oh yes, the lizard is the mentally challenged one.

Anne Galivan said...

Having lived in Florida all my life I can tell you that lizards can get in through the TINIEST spaces. A little hole in the screen. You left the door open for two seconds while you lugged in groceries.

And for the record, I HATE lizards. They totally freak me out. Probably because of my brother chasing me with them when I was a kid. I can handle spiders, but lizards, no thank you.

When we moved to Tallahassee, we found not only the "normal" lizards you get in South Florida (which are usually anoles) but they also have geckos and skinks here. We would sometimes come across a skink that was a foot long! I do not exaggerate! I don't see them anymore probably due to our three outdoor cats. They keep the rodent and lizard population down quite a bit!

Of course, South Florida now has some big-ass iguanas not to mention Nile Monitor lizards. I guarantee you, you do not want to find one of them anywhere!

CaptiousNut said...


I just did google *skinky* and *nile monitor lizard*.


The monitor lizards are apparently all over Cape Coral - just above my Naples!