Saturday, February 04, 2012

Unsecured Morons

Our rental unit here in Naples won't have its own internet connection until *sometime between 3pm and 5pm tonight*.

Meanwhile I've been squatting on a neighbor's WiFi.

The problem is that they keep turning it off!

Who does that? Who turns off their router to *secure* it? I mean why not just PUT A PASSWORD ON IT. They could even use *password* like the rest of the 'old coots'!

This reminded of me of one of my college jabronis in Philly. Though he was very intelligent in many matters he was a complete Moron with some other stuff.

He thought that the *pitcher* in invert s*x was most vulnerable to HIV; he thought that drinking alcohol before inseminating his wife could give him a retarded baby; AND he also made sure to physically unplug his cable modem each night, you know, so that hackers wouldn't be able to *steal his information*.

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