Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another Tablet

Last year I broke down and bought an iPad for my wife (she needs it for her train ride to and from NYC)...

Today I ordered another - Sony Tablet S - BUT for purely educational reasons.

I've been amazed by the potency of make-your-own flashcard apps. And I sense that there are plenty of other economical educational apps out there worth looking at as well. Put it this won't see me or my kids watching movies on this device like everyone else!

The iPad (WiFi only) runs around $500 and the other Android tablets sit at $400-$430. Now I loathe iMorons and would hate to have to buy another iPad because the Androids aren't relatively cheap enough to justify buying what are most likely inferior products...

But luckily today Sony Rewards (points on my credit card) had a sale on the Sony Tablet S. I'm getting it for the equivalent of only $340 (in terms of earned points). We'll see how it is.

The educational apps market is still in its infancy and most of what I see out there REALLY SUCKS.

But it will get better; I'll use them to help educating my kids; and hopefully I'll be able to help others navigate the new tablet landscape.

Though from an educational standpoint, parents are still far better off buying a PC for their kids FIRST. You can get a decent one from Dell for $600 - which is what we did 1.5 years ago.

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