Monday, February 06, 2012

Newt Gingrich - As Bad As McCain!


The New York Times decides to bash and Marginalize Newt Gingrich by saying he was *deeply tied* to a major arm of their OWN socialist machine!!!

Here's what happened with this buffoon...

The Democrats, who own Fannie & Freddie, set a trap. They dangled him that $1 million *consulting relationship* or whatever because, well, it cost them nothing (shareholders, bondholders, taxpayers paid) and because they had to foresight to see that by accepting it they would be putting a huge, indelible black mark on a once prominent Republican/conservative.

Newt was either too stupid to see this obvious trap...

Or he was too greedy to really care.

BTW, I've been saying for over a decade that Newt was a POS buffoon.

Don't be cynical about my cynicism.

Realize the powers-at-be knew darn well that Fannie Mae was a complete fraud and would blow up spectacularly. And they knew darn well that the media would be spinning the news away from the real culprits as the NYT is doing here.

Go ahead....go search the NYT archives for all their investigative news stories into the crap at Fannie Mae. Go find me all their editorials against Big Government's involvement in the housing market. And come back here in a millisecond after you've read them all!

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