Friday, January 12, 2007

Marginalizing Bloomberg Television

U.S.-Led Forces Kill 20 Alleged 'Terrorists' in Iraq

That's the headline at the bottom.

Wouldn't just leaving "Terrorists" in quotes have sufficed? Isn't "Alleged" a bit on the superfluous side?

They should say either alleged terrorists or just "terrorists". As it stands, they are alleging that the Bush Administration(?) called them terrorists. They either said it or they didn't. All day long headlines like this scroll on Bloomberg, demonstrating that it's not a journalistic entity but rather an advocacy group.

The best characterization I have heard yet is that members of the media are like fish in the water, completely unaware they are wet.


The Owner said...

God, I complain about stuff like this all day and everyone tells me I am overly critical and overly nit-picky about insignificant things. Shows you how intelligent they are, they're probably offended because they didn't notice it themselves... their grammar ain't none too good.

I think errors like this are completely unacceptable for professional journalists to make. If a Wall Street company meses up a few numbers on their accounting statements, they go to prison. If a journalist puts up a blatant or accidental lie and poses it as factual news, no one even notices.

I had a journalism prof last semester who ragged on this girl in class for some things she had forgotten to tidy up in one of her assignments. She chided her, saying it would never fly in the real world, that she'd lose her job and you'd never see the NYT or others making those kinds of simple errors...

...I spent the next two weeks sending the girl an "Error-A-Day," of simple, someone-wasn't-doing-their-job-editing-this-stuff errors in every and NYT article I read. It was ridiculous-- spelling errors, grammatical errors, words just flat out missing.

The prof told me I was a know it all at the end of the semester, yet still ended up giving me an A, even thought she made it clear that she thought I was kind of a brat because I did stuff like that.

The girl thought it was hilarious, unfortunately she still wouldn't go out with me.

The Owner said...

Of course, my comment has several errors in it, just to show what an idiot I am. I tried to preview first to check for them but it flipped out and I got tired of waiting and just posted.

Everyone's a hypocrite, I guess. I just try to be a somewhat intelligent one.

CaptiousNut said...

Twenty year old girls are still interested in football players and bartenders.

Once they hit 23 everything changes, they start looking for guys that have a future.