Thursday, February 15, 2007

It's All Propaganda

I saw a television ad the other day for a DVD from The Big Comfy Couch - a children's "educational" program.

Here's one of the promotional lines from the ad,

"....teaching your kids to share, to care, and to have fun."


The whole package sure smells like a diet of socialism and heathen self-amusement to me.

Remember I am firmly against sharing.

Don't fall into this trap of thinking I am overly cynical. Consider that these kids shows all fit that same template. Barney, Elmo, and the Wiggles could teach children about family, faith, and self-reliance but they never do. As John Gatto has written, children's programming is always encouraging the brats to "imagine" and wend their own way through life without any authoritative guidance, parental, religious, or otherwise.

It's all deliberate subversion with the end of turning your kids into "blank slates" - not creative, independent thinkers. I can't expound today but do some research and scrutinize the shows for yourself if you don't believe me.

Let me try to convince you this way. The multi-cultural nonsense is thoroughly apparent on these children's shows/networks, no?

Now, have you ever seen the multi-culti crap far removed from agitprop and its attendant God-less heathenism?

I certainly haven't.

Handmaidens, co-travelers, whatever you want to call them...

Like everything else these days, they come in a bundle.

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